Lebanese Business man Decries Court’s Treatment


A Lebanese Businessman who was imprisoned last week by the Monrovia City Court has decried the decision of the judge terming the action as an act of intimidation.
“My imprisonment by Judge Kenney Peabody of the Monrovia City Court over an alleged complaint filed against me by Mr. Raz Ahmand former Accountant of Monroe Chicken was done wrongfully by Judge Kennedy Peabody,” he said.
“Let me say here for the record I didn’t receive writ of summon from Judge Kennedy Peabody of the Monrovia City court as it was reported in some media outlets on the day I was imprisoned by the court”. Mr. Halabi said.
The Monroe Chicken CEO further indicated that, if he was disrespecting the court he could not go there for the fourth time.
He also said he received a telephone call from the judge and decided to go there because his Company’s former accountant Mr. Raz Ahmand was taken to the police for investigation for taking his company’s information to their competitors.
But he said upon his arrival at the Monrovia City Court, the judge placed him on Prisoners’ bench and later ordered that he be taken to the Monrovia Central Prison for refusing to show up on a writ of summon issued by the court.
Mr. Halabi said he was completely shock to heard, Raz Ahmand from the Judge of the Monrovia City Court complained him on an allegation of thief of property.
He said his former Accountant Raz Ahmand has since been escaping from the Police following a complaint filed by him.
The police have since been in search of the former Accountant Raz Ahmand who has allegedly been taken sensitive information from Monroe Chicken to their competitors, but according to Mr. Halabi his former accountant has since been escaping police probe.
“My Imprisonment by the Monrovia City Court Judge Kennedy Peabody was a completely intimidation and embracement for my family and business,” he stressed.
The Monroe Chicken CEO Halabi was speaking during a media engagement over the weekend were he further outlined that his parent has spent over 40 years in Liberia and where he was born and grow up to be referred to as someone against another businessman.
“Since the establishment of Monroe Chicken, we have trained and employed over two hundred Liberians who well trained in handing customers at our various business area in Monrovia,” Mr. Halabi added.
Mr. Raz Ahmand according to Mr. Mazen Halabi compliant through his lawyer indicating he was still holding on to his personal belongings including resident permit, cloths and cellphone.
He said that Mr. Raz Ahmand left the Monroe Chicken apartment for him following the commencement of investigation by the police about taking away sensitive information from the company.
“After discovering that Raz Ahmand former Accountant of the company was taking sensitive information from the company, we took his cellphone to match the information and it was all correct that he was sending out sensitive information out about our company,” Mr. Halabi said.