New Ruling in Hage Estate Case



The assigned Judge of the Monthly and Probate Court of Montserrado County, Judge Eva Mappy-Morgan has ruled that the first Liberian daughter of the late Milad R. Hage, Nohad Hage Mensah  as one of the administrators to conduct the affairs of her late father Milad R. Hage estate.

Judge Morgan also ruled that all tenants of the late Milad R. Hage estate deposit all rental proceeds  or any money due the aforementioned estate into an escrow account established by the Probate Court  at the Liberian Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI) under account title: Monthly and Probate Court, L.T.F. Milad R. Hage estate account.

The ruling cones after hearing of a Bail of Information submitted to the Monthly and Probate Court by Nohad Hage Mensah, after it was established that Ms. Oumour Sirleaf deliberately presented her to the court as a minor and claiming motherhood of her when in fact she was an adult and married with two kids when her father died in 2010..

Judge Morgan, upon hearing of the Bail ruled in her favor and reconstituted the administration of the said estate to include the Curator of the Court, Ms. Oumou and Mrs.  Nohad Hage Mensah.

Judge Morgan has advised all tenants of the Milad R. Hage estate to desist from making direct payment to those appointed as administers including Oumou Sirleaf, the Curator and Mrs. Nohad Hage Mensah.