‘Rogue Bankers’ Face Charges Today


    Several top Central Bank officials are expected to be face formal corruption related charges today for their role in the alleged misappropriation of printed Liberian banknotes, New Democrat Understands.

    Charles Sirleaf, the son of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and former Bank Governor Milton Weeks have been in police custody for more than three days after they were arrested on Thursday and Friday on accounts of the currency printing scandal that has damaged the reputation of the Central Bank of Liberia.

    The United States government’s independent review of allegation of missing cash in the neighborhood of US$100 million points to fraudulent and illegal acts by bank officials and staff.

    “Kroll has identified discrepancies at every stage of the process for controlling the movement of banknotes into and out of the CBL,” the report said.

    Former Governor Milton Weeks, Deputy Governor for Operations, Charles Sirleaf, Dorbor Hagba, Director of Banking, Richard H. Walker and Joseph Dennis are held culpable for an estimated $3billion Liberian dollars printed and concealed for apparent personal gain.

    Walker and Dennis are still at large, security sources have said.

    They could be charged and prosecuted for criminal conspiracy, criminal facilitation, tampering with public records and accounting.