Mayor Jefferson Koijee’s One-Year Achievement





Monrovia, the Capital City of Liberia is located in Monsterrado County. Monrovia is Liberia’s largest city and its administrative, financial and commercial center with a population of approximately 1.5 million people. As the result of a protracted civil war, the city experienced a huge setback ranging from economic & infrastructural breakdown to poor sanitation in almost every part of the city. The City Government of Monrovia under the stewardship of young Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee is committed to the sole purpose of making Monrovia a resilient city and improve the quality of lives of its residents most especially in the areas of solid waste management, education, Public safety and youth empowerment.The Monrovia City Government is made up of the following towns and borough: Gardnerville, New Georgia, Barnersville, West Point, Congo Town, Garworlohn, and the borough of New Kru Town.

Over the one year of our stewardship, we have been able to rejuvenate our employees including casual laborers who work day and night to see a clean, Green and Safe city. In the midst of the constraints been faced by the City Government of Monrovia ranging from logistical and financial , we have introduced a new dynamism to city governance in Liberia which includes but not limited to Youth Empowerment , Security Reform, Revenue mobilization and potential investment into Agricultural activities. With the national threat garbage poses to our city, we have introduced a participatory leadership approach with our residents and communities which have witnessed them taking full ownership of the management of their own city ; something which have yielded a good result for our city over the year evidenced by the collective and overwhelming support we have gotten from residents and communities within the city limits. As the population continue to grow, we are cognizant of the increase in waste generation on a larger scale than ever before, that’s why we have initiated a robust waste collection procedures with our eye set on a prospective private sector engagement through a Public Private Partnership arrangement in the long term with the aim of adding value to waste in our city which will eventually usher in the process of recycling, waste to energy etc.

Consistent with the spirit of the Pro-poor Agenda that influenced the National Development program of the Government of Liberia Cons, the following summarizes our achievements during our one year of governance of the City of Monrovia as Mayor:

  • Increased reforms in Public Financial Management by expanding the Revenue Section for the establishment of the Revenue Department for increased revenue generation through improved service delivery
  • Secured a place for the city of Monrovia on the Executive Committee at the Global Parliament of Mayor for the first time after Mayor Koijee got elected as an Executive Committee member and also currently co-chair the Health Committee of the parliament


  • Enhanced public safety(maintaining order) through the extension of the City Parking Services , covering Sinkor and its environs with a plan to also cover Old Road and Congo Town in the Southern Region of the City and Bushrod Island in the North and trained more than thirty(30) young people who are currently working in the parking services
  • Retrieved advertisement services which was outsourced to a private entity in order to increase revenue generation for municipal development


  • An appreciable and rational increment of employee’s salaries and allowances in view of the current economic realities and to motivate staff for increased productivity


  • Increment in the workforce of the City Government from the initial three hundred and sixteen (316) employees to an appreciable five hundred plus; with majority been young people.


  • Retained all employees in their various positions irrespective of their background, creed, as well as status. As we speak , no employee has been removed from his/her position because of political reason(s) or any one of the aforesaid reasons


  • Establishment of the Youth Project and Development Unit for Youth empowerment and sustainability


  • Established the annual Inter- University Debate for improved efficiency of learning and the exchange of ideas and experiences , and to ensure effective networking amongst Liberia’s higher institutions of learning in pursuit of academic excellence and their common good



  • Increased the manpower of the Monrovia City Police through the recruitment and training of more than fifty (50) personnel at the National Police Training Academy (NPTA) to help ensure public safety


  • The involvement of the City Police in the 2018 vehicle’s inspection exercise ( first of its kind)


  • Expansion of the Public Relations Department’s activities by the establishment a modern Online Television (MCC-TV) that is being used to boost awareness and sensitization on municipal reforms and issues of national development


  • Signing of a MoU between the City Government of Monrovia and the Federation of Petty Traders and Informal Worker’s Union of Liberia( FEPTIWUL) formerly the National Petty Traders Union of Liberia( NEPTEPUL) for a safe and organized market and trade environment within the City with the goal to ensure the organization of street-selling in Monrovia


  • Restored the allotment of the GOL-World Bank Counterpart Funding for solid waste management operations within the City and its environs


  • Ensured and facilitated the delivery of three(2) front-end loaders for the MCC Solid Waste Department and three(3) pickups from the World Bank. The pick-ups are for the use of regional supervisions ( North, Central and South) in Solid Waste Management within the City


  • Facilitated foreign training for two (2) managers from the Solid Waste Department in the courses , Sustainable Solid Waste Management for African Countries A and Improved Solid Waste Management Technologies in Toyko, Japan under the auspices of the Japanese International Corporation Agency (JICA) in 2018


  • Facilitated training in Access to Energy , Mitigation and adaptation for more than fifteen (15) senior management personnel under the auspices of the European Union in support of the fight against Climate Change


  • Conducted capacity building training for employees of the City Government in work ethics , and Administrative Policies and Procedures


  • Established the International Affairs Office to help ensure a resilient , SMART and Bold city
  • Established and officially launched the WEAH FOR CLEAN CITIES INITIATIVES in support of a Clean, Green and Safe Monrovia


  • Increase the Fiscal Year Budget of the City Government of Monrovia by 42%


  • Established an Urban Development Specialist Desk and recruited a consultant to lead the process for the compilation of data and the drafting of a Citizen’s charter for the City of Monrovia with the goal to improve upon the 1973 Act of the Liberian Legislature that transformed Monrovia from a Commonwealth to a Municipality


  • Organized and hosted an Emergency Solid Waste Stakeholder Conference that involved the direct participation of residents and community leaders in Monrovia, who dialogued for two days and produced a resolution on a sustainable approach to solid waste management in Monrovia

Ongoing Studies/ Activities


  • Exploring innovative solutions for waste to Energy Projects
  • Modern Vehicles Parking Lot in the City’s center
  • Construction of a Modern Library
  • Bankable proposals on Access to Finance, Mitigation and Adaptation
  • Review for reforms in the Municipal Tax Schedule of 2011 (MCC Tariff)

Approach to Realization

  • Institute reforms in revenue generation for municipal development
  • Pursue capital investments through Public Private Community Partnership(PPCP)
  • Foster engagement with development partners; local and international
  • Build Sister City Relationships
  • Enhance enforcement of regulatory frameworks
  • Increase local participation



Challenges / Constraints

  • There exist no budget/ funding for Solid Waste Collection and Disposal at present
  • Lack of funding for the hiring of additional topnotch professional for urban management and development
  • Lack of funding for the total automation ( computerized system) of the City Government’s operation