Oniyama Wants To Face Accuser in Court


Dr. C. Nelson Oniyama has issued a statement in Monrovia reacting to what he described as a “mounting smear campaign against him led by the mother of two purported children of his.”

He DNA tests have vindicated him ever since and is ready to face his accuser in court.

The Statement: T”he smear campaign which is being popularized in the media is merely intended to blackmail him, injure his good name and business reputation and bring him into public ridicule and disgrace. However Dr. Oniyema has vowed to seek legal remedy against Ms. Almaz Kadiatu Jalloh for this wrong in the court of competent jurisdiction.

“Further Dr. Oniyama says he never raped her nor have any children with her as established by several DNA tests conducted in Liberia, Nigeria and the United States of America.

Dr. Oniyama says that Ms. Jalloh frustration stems from the fact that he stopped support to her and the purported children of his following the results of the DNA tests, which proved that he is not the father of Ms. Jalloh’s children.

“Moreover, Dr. Oniyama says that if Ms. Jalloh claims that she was raped by him or that she has children for him whom he has refused to support, the public smear campaign cannot give her redress as her allegations/claims are criminal in nature and belong before a court of competent jurisdiction.”

Dr. Oniyama, therefore admonishes Ms. Jalloh to take her so-called grievances to the court where he will be glad to meet her.