‘Sex Offender’ Paul Collins’ Victim Dying


    Paul Collins, the former Director General of the Internal Audit Agency is facing the possibility of being charged for sexual assault.

    Mr. Collins has been a suspect in a long running sexual offense case with a smell of ritual dating far back as September 2017, the Liberia National Police has said.

    It is alleged he lured a teenager into his premises and extracted blood from her after failing in his bid to have sex with the kid. He offered US$20 to the victim after accomplishing his mission.

    The victim(name withheld) is now terminally ill since her dreadful encounter with Collins.

    “ I have gone to uncountable numbers of hospitals: SOS, MSF, Kingdom Care, JFK, and several names I can’t remember. I have gone to Nigeria as well but my condition isn’t improving,” she said.

    “All the doctors continue to tell me is that my blood is low.”

    Collins has denied having any private engagement with the teenager.

    “As far the police investigation has gone, they (police) didn’t see any incident of sexual assault. I mean, they asked me and I said I know nothing about it. Then they did their investigation and having seen anything to suggest sexual assault,” he said.

    Police spokesman H. Moses Carter told reporters Investigation is ongoing and as soon as possible, the matter will be referred to the court.

    “Mr. Collins would be duly charged from our findings and be forwarded to court. Mr. Collins is the suspect in this case and as a result, he has availed himself to the LNP.”

    – Festus Poquie