Missing Billion Report Out February


The findings of the American Government’s sponsored investigation to the alleged disappearance of 15billion Liberian dollars will be released to the public at end February 2019, President George Weah has announced.

He again promised to prosecute those that will be deemed culpribale for stealing the money.

The United States Agency for International Development hired UK firm Kroll to independently investigate the matter after Liberian authorities requested US government’s assistance, the president said.

“The Report from the Kroll Audit Team is expected at the end of February 2019, and will be released to the public by USAID.

“If it is established that there has been any willful act of criminality, negligence, or malfeasance by anyone implicated in the reports, the full weight of the law will be brought to bear.

In September 2018, the country was rocked with news reports that containers of printed Liberian dollar bank notes estimated at US$100million vanished on arrival in the country.

Neely five months later, the facts about the scandal remain unknown. Although this paper understands from unofficial sources the printed L$15billion are accounted for save internal control weaknesses and noticeable irregularities.