Women Leading Ritual Killings In Sinoe


    More women are involved in ritualistic killings in Sinoe County with the crime becoming prevalent there, Cllr J. Adolphus Karnuah II, said Thursday in the capital Monrovia.

    The Sinoe County Attorney told reporters, police arrested six women out of 20 accused and charged them for killing and extraction of human organs.

    According to the County Attorney, in one incident, a mother of a boy abandoned him on a farm and following days of unsuccessful search with the help of a herbalist the mother confessed that she is part of a devilish club, in which they offer their children for sacrifice.

    The lady would escape into the forest along with three women who also confessed to being part of the blood syndicate.

    While in the forest some men in the community hunted the women, apprehended and gang-raped them until one of the ladies (Wallet Nyenweh) was killed in the process.

    In some areas of Africa, body parts are prized for their supernatural powers and are used in black magic ceremonies.

    Reporting by P. Nas Mulbah