LRA Official On Tax Compliance


The Assistant Commissioner for Real Estate Tax Division at the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), Isaac Beyan Stevens, has called on Liberians to support the Pro-Poor Agenda of the government by committing themselves to regular tax payment.

Stevens believes that no country will develop if citizens fail to comply with tax regulations or when citizens become delinquent taxpayers.

Speaking on a local radio talk show in Monrovia on Monday, Stevens indicated that the Government of Liberia is committed to the people and it is the desire of every government to see its citizens complying with regulations such as tax payment which are in the interest of the State.

According to the commissioner, taxpayers are nation builders, noting that “one way in which Liberians can help their government to play its role in developing the country is through the payment of their regular taxes.”

Stevens clarified that it is illegal for a taxpayer to pay his/her taxes to revenue officers or tax enforcers, who are assigned on the field, cautioning all and sundry to pay their taxes directly to the relevant authority using their tax identification number.

He noted that the LRA will do all it can to continue to sensitize the public on the importance of tax payment as well as the various means through which members of the public can pay their taxes.

The LRA official encouraged Liberians to prioritize Liberia by paying their due taxes so that they can enjoy the benefits of the taxes they pay, adding that this will bring a lot of development attractions which will then bring in more investments in the country.