‘Veep Taylor Harbors No Evil Against Preident’




Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor is a devote loyalist and team player and does not harbor “ill will towards her boss President George Weah and is the greatest fan of the leader, a local advocay group has said.

The Progressive Youth for Liberia’s Advancement (PYLA) said it was reacting to fake information on socail media suggesting the Vice President was working with enemy allies agaisnt the president;s welbeing and interest.

In a statement the group condemned and described as complete nonsense and diabolical a social media post by one Musa Swaray in which he said President George M. Weah needs to be careful with his Vice President.

Musa Swaray posted in The Strong Gbana Pekin show, the coasta show, discussing Liberia Yesterday, October 7, 2018, that he “saw Philipbert Brown at Jewel’s residence by 3: am yesterday morning. They must be planning some dirty against Weah and his government. Remember, Jewel wants to be President by all cost”. PYLA wonders what Musa Swaray was doing at that time of the morning when he saw Mr. Brown at the residence of the VP. “This is a complete lie”, PYLA said.

Musa Swaray‎ also posted yesterday to The Darius Dillon Center for Intellectual Exchange that, “The secret has been discovered. Two things that Jewel Howard Taylor is contemplating on right now, either to poison President George Weah and become president or undermine him to gain frame, that is the whole secret behind the NPP agenda”

He indicated further, “Prezo, we know this woman. Please be careful with her. Her own former husband Charles Taylor never trusted her. Where there is smoke, fire is not far from there Mr. President. Don’t eat to Jewel’s house; don’t say I didn’t tell you.”

Reacting to what they called FAKE INFORMATION, the Progressive Youth for Liberia’s Advancement (PYLA) said from the general perspective of the Liberian people that know Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, “she harbours no ill will towards her chief and her President and she is the greatest fan of President Weah.”

According to PYLA, if Musa Swaray and his likes have nothing to contribute to the social and economic development of this country, it is time they need to shut up and closed their social media pages. “When Jewel, who is a God fearing child, says she is for you, she is for you. She believes in her boss President Weah and together they will ensure that the CDC led government succeed”. Nothing, “Musa Swaray post which is intended to sow seeds of discord within the ruling CDC and between the President and Vice President, cannot change anything because the President also believes in his Vice President. “He wants at the end of the day the public will see that the CDC as a ruling party without direction but confusion”, PYLA said in a strong tone.

PYLA furthered that “It will never be and the President, His Excellency George Manneh Weah will never listen or give credence to their evil plan against the party that the so-called Musa Swaray and his likes want to destroy under the pretend that they are fighting the Vice President with unfounded and mischievous information on facebook page.