‘You Know GDP And You Didn’t Develop Your Country’


    President George Weah Sunday urged Liberians mainly those in the opposition to desist from acts that will derail the country’s peace and stability.

    He said elections were over and the people should wait and make another decision after six years. Acting on falsehood to damage the country reputation and calling for international sanctions are mischievous acts that do not benefit any Liberia, the President indicated.

    His statement was in response to recent opposition protest in Monrovia claiming the CDC-led administration is responsible for the alleged “missing billion.”

    In a hard-hitting speech following his return from the United Nations General Assembly, Weah took swipe at his predecessor Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf who had claimed in the controversy surrounding the “missing billion” that he does not know what he’s doing and has no idea what the country GDP is.

    Johnson Sirleaf bragged about knowing the country’s GDP but did nothing for the country and its people during her entire 12 year rule, he said.

    “We have people [ex-president Sirleaf] talking that we do not know the trouble that we caused for this country. I can say our government has caused no trouble. Can you imagine that people saying we do not know the GDP of our country,” he said.

    “But if they know the GDP and didn’t develop their country and people for 12 years then who are you? They know the GDP to the fingertips but there is no road and electricity from Sasstown to Doe Community.

    He said the ex-president who claimed to know GDP was paying single government official US$16,000 in salary per month

    “I do not know GDP but was able to reduce the huge salary made by a single government official to enable the other people to have something at the end of the month. I have and continue to pay students WAEC fees and put more people on the payroll, that’s how I know and to use my GDP.

    P. Nas Mulbah