Money Was Printed Before Legislature’s Approval’ Chambers Claims & Wants Answer From Ellen



House Speaker Chambers

House Speaker Bhofal Chambers emerged out of a meeting with former Speaker Emmanuel Nuquah and ex-Central Bank Governor Milton Weeks Friday with the new revelation that $10billion Liberian dollar was printed before the legislature could grant approved.

Documents show the CBL printed the money in June 2017, while approval for the minting of $5billion was concluded in July 2017, Chambers said.

He wants former President Sirleaf to explain to investigators why she acted otherwise than agreed by legislators.

The sheered contradiction must claim the attention of the investigative committee probing the circumstances surrounding the importation of money into the country, the Speaker said.

“We were taken aback when we heard in the news that the Legislature authorized L$10 billion to be printed in line with Article 34(b) of the constitution. That information is incorrect,” he said.

‘The amount approved by the Legislature through a joint resolution was the $billion Liberian dollars. Any money printed beside the fL$5billion was never approved by the 53rd Legislature.”

Speaker Chambers told reporters that Weeks informed the Legislature that contrary to media reports, no money has been missing and that the containers of money were offloaded before his resignation.

Weeks and 34 others have ordered arrested by the Judge of the Monrovia Magisterial court to face criminal charges for their role in the money missing saga.

-Alex Yomah