Police Must Probe Ellen – Morlu



    CDC charman Mulbah Morlu

    Liberia’s ruling has said that ex-president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has embarked on what it called “an attacking” spree against the current regime only because she is aware of some of the people reportedly linked to the stealing of some of the money mentioned in the missing money saga and that she is unable to vindicate them in the ongoing investigation.

    Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) National Chairman, Mulbah Morlu, said the former president’s recent attack on President George Weah in a BBC interview was “her naked quest” to defend her son [Charles Sirleaf], the deputy Central Bank governor being questioned in connection with the “missing billions.”

    According to Morlu, Madam Sirleaf insinuated that President Weah amongst other things has done nothing since he assumed office as president, and has succeeded in putting the country’s image into the mud.

    “Ellen’s children and former Central Bank Governor, Milton Weeks are amongst names reported to have been linked to stealing,” Morlu said.

    Morlu called on the panel probing the reported ‘missing billions’ scandal to invite former president Sirleaf for questioning to explain the role she may have played in the scandal.

    “We believe Madam Sirleaf should be invited by the police for questioning because she has brought herself into the money stealing debates thereby making statements that are inimical to the investigation,” he said.

    Morlu wonders why would the former head of state be jittering in the process that stands to promote accountability and transparency especially with the presence of international and credible organizations like FBI and IMF on the investigative panel.

    “If Ellen’s hands were clean in these debates, why is she not giving the process a chance to be investigated and repulsively, she has now become propagandistic on radio buying sentiments and marketing her usual lies,” Morlu queried.

    He said former governor Weeks should by now be imprisoned because the Legislature did not authorize him to print an additional L$10 billion.

    “If I were part of the investigation, I would ask Mr. Weeks how come a whole container loaded with Liberian banknotes ended up at National Housing and Savings Bank where it was alleged that pickups were loaded with money under the cover of darkness during the campaign and were offloaded at personal homes when George Weah was not president,” Morlu said.

    Morlu said that notwithstanding the former President’s rants Ellen, Mr. Weeks should be pressed harder to inform Liberian who pocketed the purported missing billions.

    Morlu: I believe Charles Sirleaf has a story to tell because he may have played a major role in the missing money scheme. If not, why is his mother talking about him resigning while the investigation is ongoing? No, Madam Sirleaf, your son would not resign like that. He will be probed if he is a person of interest and if found culpable, will be prosecuted in accordance with the law.

    For too long, Morlu said, Liberia’s resources were siphoned without accountability and this is an assurance that the CDC-led administration would prosecute those that who take public resources beyond the ongoing probe.

    “We at the party level have explicit confidence in the President to prosecute those would be culpable. From all indications and judging from Weeks’ investigation, those who stole our money are Ellen and her past officials,” Morlu declared.

    -Alex Yomah