Drumming Songs of Chaos Will Not Bring Back the Money


Interesting! Liberia’s new opposition politicians who were silent on glaring acts of corruption for 12 years with some enormously benefiting from the loots are the new moral voices in town against corruption.

Their new role is understandable and appreciated. Today they are leading demonstration against the new administration for announcing to the public that it is investigating money trail including undisclosed printed bank notes and United States dollars brought into the country between 2016 and 2018.

Investigators are still trying to ascertain how much money was ordered, where it was printed, how much of it eventually arrived in the country, and where it is now, the government has said. The money was ordered when Sirleaf was still in power before President George Weah took over this year. Before his dismissal then Central Bank Governor Milton Weeks did not inform President George Weah about money.

In a radio broadcast to the nation, the President said the accountability of the money in question is important to the survival of the people of Liberia.

In this case, the new corruption campaigners will be taken seriously if their push for accountability is void of sentiment and their petition include calls for former officials responsible for money printing and importation including former President Sirleaf to submit to the investigation and say the God fair truth about the money they printed.

The honesty of the planners of the demonstration will be best measured by their willingness to support a speedy, transparent and independent investigation that will tell Liberians and the world how money has been coming into our country and leaving our central bank and who transfer what and where.

A violent demonstration with talks bordering on instability is a spineless act of mischief. People wanting to get to the bottom of this matter and crusade the actual culprits to justice must choose a peaceful path. There is no evidence to show how violence has been used to achieve accountability. But there is a surplus of evidence to show that violence undermines national peace and stability, rule of law to the delight of thieves and murderers. It is therefore misleading that people who are demanding justice and accountability will be drumming songs of chaos and seeking the shutdown of the national economy and restricting peaceful movement of people.

A country that is in need of money cannot send a message to investors that it is politically unstable. People with love for a country wanting money for social economic development cannot threaten business people to stay away from the market. Creating instability will not bring back any money. It will help keep the money where it is. And if this is the plan for the planners of the demonstration then they cannot be called anti-corruption campaigners but politicians seeking to profit from insecurity.