LEC Seeks Qualified Liberians to Assume Managerial Roles


The Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC), is currently being managed by ESB International (ESBI), under a three-year Management Services Contract. As part of their management responsibilities, ESBI is required to implement a succession management process that will involve the selection of a pool of Liberians that will take over the full management of LEC, on the departure of the ESBI team at the end of the MSC.

In furtherance of this process, LEC is now issuing a call for applications from qualified and suitably experienced Liberians to join LEC’s Succession Management Resource Pool (SMRP). Applications will be accepted from Liberians resident in Liberia, including existing LEC staff and also from the Liberian diaspora.

It is proposed that sixteen (16) people will be recruited to the SMRP. LEC is an equal opportunity employer and applications from female candidates are encouraged.

On appointment, all members of the SMRP will receive structured training and capacity building to significantly increase their holistic management capabilities. This training and capacity building will include formal training courses in general and specific management principles. Subjects would include, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Team Leadership, Conflict Management, Effective Communication, Strategic Analysis. For SMRP members with a finance, business or administration background, training will be provided which will give them a basic understanding of how the technical/engineering divisions in LEC operate. Likewise, for SMRP members with an engineering background, training will be provided in understanding large corporate financial operations.

It is also planned to rotate the SMRP members around the various LEC divisions, in order that they obtain a comprehensive high-level understanding of the issues, problems, solutions, policies, and procedures of each of LEC’s divisions.

It is also envisaged that the training and capacity building program will include Utility Implant Training, where members of the SMRP will be implanted into selected foreign utilities for defined time periods. Such implantation would involve SMRP members working alongside utility staff in the foreign utilities in order to gain a deep and hands-on understanding of how modern, efficient and successful utilities function. In addition to working alongside experienced utility staff, formal classroom training would also form part of the Utility Implanting experience.

During the whole of the SMRP training and capacity building program, the SMRP members will undergo a regular performance assessment. Four months after the conclusion of the Implant Training and based on the assessed performance of the SMRP members, eight of the SMRP members will be appointed as counterparts to the ESBI team. These counterparts will be appointed as counterparts to the following ESBI team members. Chief Executive Officer; Chief Financial Officer; Executive Director Generation; Executive Director Transmission & Distribution; Executive Director Human Resources; Executive Director Commercial & Regulatory; Executive Director Projects & Planning; Executive Director General Services.

The members of the Succession Management Resource Pool not selected for appointment as counterparts to the Executive Management Team will be appointed to positions in the next tier of LEC management.

The selected counterparts and the other members of the SMRP will continue on their training and development program and in addition, the appointed counterparts will be mentored by the ESBI team of Executive Directors.

Six months before the end of the ESBI contract, the Liberian counterparts of the ESBI Executive Directors of Planning & Projects, of Human Resources and of Transmission & Distribution will assume complete management control of their respective LEC divisions and their ESBI mentors will depart Liberia.

A phasing out of the remaining members of the ESBI team will take place over the final six months of the ESBI contract, with the final handover being made by the ESBI Chief Executive Officer, to his Liberian counterpart, three months before the end of the ESBI Management Services Contract.

This final handover will see the conclusion of the ESBI contract and the full management control of the Liberia Electricity Corporation return to a fully capable and professional Liberian Management Team.