Unity Party Wants Weah Prosecute Missing Billion Culprits


The opposition Unity Party Tuesday criticized President George Weah for doing little to fight corruption and improve governance eight months into his administration. The former ruling party has called on the President to investigate and prosecute individuals connected to the disappearance of billions of Liberians dollars.

Below is the statement:

The Unity Party is concerned and disturbed by growing reports about the appalling situation of governance in Liberia and the Weah administration’s apparent reluctance to address the issue of impunity and social injustices in the country. Our attention is drawn to the most recent report of the disappearance of a whole container (it is not clear whether it is 40ft or 20ft) and bags with Liberian dollars estimated at (some say 9 billion LRD in total) which the Voice of America reported actual amount to 16 billion LRD from the Freeport of Monrovia and the Roberts International Airport (RIA) respectively.

We record that on January 22, 2018, President George Manneh Weah in his inaugural address assured Liberians that they should hold him “by the quality of the decisions he makes and not by the eloquence of his speech”. President Weah further promised Liberians that he would “End Corruption”.

The reported disappearance of billions of Liberian dollars which amounts to more than 100 million United States Dollars, the indifference of the administration to fighting corruption as promised, bringing to finality the lingering Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s report, the reluctance and or apparent refusal of his officials to declare their assets, the payment of US$2000 each to players of the Nigerian national team, the EBOMAF and ETON loan scheme which the public rejected, and the recent committal to ransoming our natural resources for 2 billion USD, and several governance anomalies have constrained us to add our voice to the many patriotic voices bringing these issues to the attention of not just the Liberian public but also to the international community.

We are calling on the Weah administration to make good his promise to end corruption by launching not just a full-scale investigation but to hold to account all those under whose watch this container disappeared. For not to do so would convince us Liberians and the international community that this huge volume of money has been deliberately misappropriated by the Weah administration and hence cannot account for it.

At a critical time when he (President Weah) has just signed a contract with Riva Levinson for an expensive public relation scheme, and he is en route to this year’s United Nations General Assembly to present his government’s case to the world; happenings in the country with respect to his indifference to grave issue of corruption and impunity leave us to wonder and to question his sincerity and commitment to the grassroots whom he has been purporting to advocate for.

We, therefore, call on President Weah to take immediate concrete actions toward addressing these ills. At a time when scorching poverty is pinning down our people, parents cannot afford school fees for their children and the average Liberian can hardly earn a livelihood, President Weah and his administration cannot be seen as being so insensitive to their plight.

For us in the Unity Party, we ran the campaign last year with the slogan: Think Liberia, Love Liberia and Build Liberia. We, therefore, want to reassure Liberians and our international partners that ours is a commitment to the country and people. That is why we have chosen, contrary to the Congress for Democratic Change now Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) as in the past a constructive path as an opposition party rather than being disruptive.

We are urging the Weah administration to seize the moment and bring closure to such critical concerns as the TRC Recommendations, which demand of all governments (past and present) to put an end to the perennial culture of impunity in Liberia.