Bill Tweahway Heads National Port Authority


Bill Tweahway, a carreer public adminstrator and ex-lawmaker was Wednessday named by Presicdent George Weah as the New Managing Director of the National Poert Authority (NPA).

A state owned corporation, the NPA consists of four seaports – the Freeport of Monrovia, the Port of Buchanan, the Port of Greenville and the Port of Harper.

With balanced experience in public and private sector management, Mr. Tweahway will take on the task of spearheading the upgrade and development of the country’s seaport infrastructures, which previous administration said in 2017 would cost an estimated US$3 – $4billion.

The project includes the construction of an inland port in Ganta City (approximately 260 kilometers away from Monrovia) to transport commodities to Liberia’s rural counties. Eight of Liberia’s 15 counties are landlocked.

The country is facing competition from neighboring countries like the Ivory Cost and Ghana, who have become favorable destinations for shipment of goods and other consignments due to the Liberian civil war.

The National Port Authority (NPA) established in the 1970s after the Americans built and surrendered the facility, controls a multi million dollar landed properties occupying an estimated 100 acres.