Five DEA Agents Dismissed For Drugs Trafficking



flashback- Some DEA officers performing at a Arm Forces Day celebration

Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA) Thursday dismissed five agents for their alleged involvement in drugs trade in the country.

DEA Deputy Director for Operations Marvin Sarkor said the agency is an integrity institution and it is rewired that those who are employed and paid by government to fight against the spread of illicit drugs should be drug-freed.

The LDEA is taken surveillance on every agent to ensure that staff are not complicit in the sale of narcotic and other prohibited substances, he said.

“Anyone that is caught taking drugs or involved in drug trade will be arrested, prosecuted and dismissed.”

He made the statement at a news conference in Monrovia when the agency announced the arrest of four suspects with illegal drug worth L$1.3 million dollars.

“LDEA’s agents arrested 48.4 grams of Cocaine; 99.4 grams of Heroin; 1,000 grams of Amphetamine/methamphetamine known as “ ICE” totaling L$1,359,750.00,” he said.

-Alex Yomah