GT Bank ‘Robs’ Customer of U$50, 000


The Guarantee Trust Bank (GT Bank) has been sued for damages to the tone of U$50, 000 after it was alleged that the bank allowed an unlawful and illegal withdrawal from the account of one of its customers identified as Liberty Airlines Inc.

In its complaint, Liberty Airlines told the Sixth Judicial Circuit Civil Law that it first noticed unauthorized withdrawals from its a checking account with GT Bank in July 2015 when an amount of U$14,629 went missing.

According to the Airlines, the theft was immediately reported to the bank’s late managing director, Dan Orogon but no action was taken to correct the situation up to the filing of the lawsuit.

Plaintiff said that the defendant had been very reckless in managing its account to the effect that on three separate occasions, which included June 8, 2015, June 22, 2015 and July 8, 2015 fraudulent withdrawals were made from the account without the bank detecting.

Complainant then prayed the court to hold the defendant liable and order it to pay the U$500,000 as general damages, representing incidental expenses, collateral damages from the plaintiff’s loan exposure, physiological and physical trauma and the systematic humiliation suffered in the hands at the defendant.

The bank in response to the accusation prayed the court to deny the entire complaint because the plaintiff failed state sufficient reasons to justify the remedy it sought.

Writes P. Nas Mulbah