Temple of Justice Building. photo credit: Nwelt A. Mathies

    A trial judge in Monrovia has given a 43-year-old man, Amara S. Keifa, a five-year jail sentence for attempting to sell his 12-year-old daughter, Facia Keifa, for U$105,000.

    Judge Roosevelt Z. Willie of Criminal Court “A” making his judgment in the case yesterday, said his decision was based on a unanimous guilty verdict of the jurors.

    According to the ruling, the defendant, on June 14, 2017, made an unsolicited phone contact with Mrs. Margo Cooper-Korkoya, an adult female and informed her of his desire to sell his daughter to her or to some other interested buyer.

    Judge Willie said that Mrs. Cooper-Korkoya, in her response, advised defendant keifa, that she needed time to think about his offer and that he should call her back in a couple of days.

    According to the ruling, immediately following the phone conversation, Mrs. Cooper-Korkoya notified her Pastor, Joseph Johnson, and former NSA officer, Edward Zeyou who, in turn, notified Sgt. Edmund E. Bayeh, Line Manager for the Women and Children’s Protection Section of the Liberian National Police.

    Mrs. Cooper-Korkoya was then advised by those she had informed about the incident, that she should record any subsequent conversation with the defendant on the subject for the listening of Pastor Johnson and officer Zeyou.

    Accordingly, on June 16, 2017, the defendant again called Mrs. Cooper-Korkoya and requested an amount of Three-Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ($300,000.00) in exchange for the victim.

    He was advised by Ms. Cooper-Korkoya that her buyer could not afford this amount but was willing instead to pay the sum of U$100,00.

    “The defendant agreed to this price and stated that he would bring his daughter to Ms. Cooper-Korkoya’s Smythe Road residence the following day to collect his money,” according to the ruling.

    Later that same day, he made another call to Ms. Cooper-Korkoya, during which he stated that the sale price of U$100,000 was too low, and the buyer would need to increase the price to US$120,000.

    Ms Cooper-Korkoya rejected this demand and, instead, counter-offered with an increase to only U$105, 000. Defendant accepted Ms. Cooper-Korkoya’s counter-proposal and agreed to bring his daughter to her Smythe Road residence the following day approximately 6:30 P.M.

    The judge stated that “through his criminal acts by abusing Facia Keifa’s position of vulnerability resulting from her status as a child, the defendant, purposely transported and attempted to sell Facia Keifa, a human being, whom defendant asserted to be his own daughter, for the purpose of ritual sacrifice, illicit removal of organs, or other exploitation.”

    Writes P.Nas /Tehillah Mulbah