Indian Doctor Restores Vision to Patients With Eyes Diseases


In an effort to restore vision to the blind, a visiting Indian doctor, Pravin Krishna Vaddavalli, last week performed eyes transplant surgeries to four Liberians living with severe eye diseases.

Dr. Vaddavalli director of Tej Kohli Cornea Institute (TKCI) in India told journalists in Monrovia on Thursday that he did the cornea eyes transplants based upon a request made by the Liberia Eye Center at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center.

He said one of the patients was a very young boy at the age of eleven years who had injury to the eye like an infection and followed by a hole in the black spot of the eye (cornea) that needed to be sealed.

“So we were able to remove the old cornea that was whitish and damaged along with the hole and replaced it with a fresh new cornea from a very young donor. As we speak the young boy is in good condition and he plans to be an eye doctor in the future,” he said.

Additionally, the doctor said the second patient was a female who had only one eye with no vision in the other eye. He explained that her cornea was damaged because some of the cells therein were damaged.

He said to repair the eye he did a cutting edge kind of surgery where he did not transplant the whole cornea but replaced only that layer of cell that she had inside her eye and then put a new lens to enable her see very well.

According to him, the third patient had a transplant to replace the damaged tissue in the eye while the fourth had infection in the eye that made the eye to be eaten away. We replaced the eaten away part of the cornea with a fresh new one.

The eye expert said there are young talented Liberian doctors already undergoing training from this year on ward and hopefully in the future they will be able to do cornea eye transplants.

Dr. Nikhil Naik, Consultant Optometrist of the LV Prasad Eye Institute (Liberia) Inc. said more than 700 patients have received eye medical services.

Writes P. Nas Mulbah