S/Court Denies 20 Government Officials seeking exemption from bar exams


The Supreme Court of Liberia has denied 20 attorneys who used their status as officials in the current government to request the court for exemption on admission to its bar as counselors-at-law.

The 20 attorneys will now form part of a group of 79 attorneys to sit this year’s Supreme Court’s bar examination after the court dismissed their requests.

The court sees this as way of infiltrating the judicial system without the acquisition of requisite skills and experience in the law practice.

Attorney Darryl Ambrose Nmah, Sr. Director of Judicial Public Information, told journalists that the normal procedure and standard is that every attorney after five years of active legal practice should file a petition before the Supreme Court to sit the bar exams and after a successful pass be admitted into the Supreme Court bar.

He said however, in the past special consideration was given to some officials, who based on their jobs and certain circumstances, could not be active in the court and thus were exempted from writing the exams.

He emphasized that the essence of the exams is to test attorneys to see whether they are really qualified to practice safeguard against reducing the standards in the high court.

Director Nmah called on all 79 applicants to get prepared for the ensuing exams as he assured that, in the near future, the court will review and set guidelines for granting dispensation to deserving attorneys in government.

Writes P. Nas Mulbah