Acclaimed Liberian humanitarian, Dr. Kimmie Weeks, has joined a new U.S. based company called Integrum Scientific as their Senior Director of African Operations. Integrum’s mission is to find workable solutions to some of the world’s deadliest pandemics.

Dr. Weeks joins a prestigious group of medical and scientific researchers, infrastructure and logistics experts, and communication specialists who formed the company after decades of on-the-ground experience. They have worked on some of the most critical global health challenges with vulnerable populations throughout the most remote regions of the world. Most of the members of the organization worked and demonstrated their scientific prominence and ethical commitment during the Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa. The Chief Executive Officer for Integrum, Mr. Joseph Sgherza noted, “It is our belief that combating these deadly pandemics is not only a national security priority but a global humanitarian imperative.”

Dr. Weeks will support Integrum’s communications efforts and will provide overall logistics for operational preparedness and deployment across Africa. Dr. Weeks noted, “Many times pandemics take a hold in sub-Saharan African countries simply because certain medical institutions are not prepared to immediately deploy. With Integrum Scientific, we are able to be on the ground and up and running within 48-72 hours, if not less.”

Several of Integrum’s leaders are pillars in the infectious disease community, serving as advisors within the greater biological threat community and mobilizing for outbreak response. Integrum’s scientists, clinical researchers, logistics and response specialists have conducted ground breaking research and landmark trials throughout their careers and are highly sought after for their expertise in their fields.

Mr. Sgherza noted that the new company would deploy its collective knowledge and resources to solve some of the world’s gravest pandemics before they take a major human toll. Mr. Sgherza said, “We saw firsthand the devastating effects of pandemics such as SARs, Ebola and Zika. Integrum Scientific pools the worlds greatest minds to stop these outbreaks in their tracks and save thousands of lives.”

Integrum boasts an Infectious Disease Scientific Advisory Board that carefully vets each project to ensure the company is delivering world class ethical scientific discovery and capacity building. Dr. Weeks will be integral to helping Integrum develop lasting relationships with the countries, communities, and individuals affected by pandemic outbreaks during and following each crisis. Integrum works to empower local communities with the tools to prevent, detect, and fight future outbreaks. Their approach, developed by working in challenging environments, ensures the community is involved in the solution from inception of recovery efforts through long-term, sustained prevention of the next outbreak. By building partnerships with experienced, like-minded, and trained individuals and organizations with scientific expertise and empathy for the affected populations, Integrum aims to bring solutions to the heart of the global pandemic outbreak threats and help improve overall global public health.

In a special statement, Dr. Weeks said he was honored to have been tapped for the role, noting that he would contribute his skills and passion to make an impact on the global scientific stage through his role at Integrum. “It was an honor to be called upon to form part of this incredible group,” said Dr. Weeks, “I believe that together, we will achieve a lot across the global health spectrum.” Dr. Weeks will begin holding meetings with health officials across the region to layout a regional emergency response plan.