‘Angry Opposition Politicians Don’t Love the Poor’ – CDC Chairman Morlu

CDC charman Mulbah Morlu

Opposition politicians and individuals who are kicking against President George Weah’s effort to acquire for loans to construct roads across Liberia hate the poor and want to see them suffer more, the Chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change has said.

Speaking at a news conference in Monrovia recently, Mulbah Morlu said unlike the Unity Party and past administrations that squandered opportunities to rebuild the country, the CDC-led government will use the country’s resources to improve the lives of the ordinary people.

“They are not fighting President Weah but you the ordinary people. they are angry because President Weah is looking for money to improve your life and not corrupt government bureaucrats and career politicians,” he said.

“They will continue to be vexed because the President will change the people’s lives and give them hope.”

Seeking financing opportunity for Liberia’s infrastructure development programs after inheriting a broke country is the best option for the nation at the moment, the ruling party chairman said.

Morlu’s statement is in response to three-opposition political parties (Unity Party, the Liberty Party and the Alternative National Congress) decision to form a collaboration to hold the ruling party accountable for its stewardship of the country in relation to respecting the constitution and the rights of Liberians.

Morlu said the joint statement presented by the three political parties is not a surprise, but in continuation of their selfish desires aimed at tarnishing the reputation of the CDC and President Weah.

He described the Unity Party as the chief architect of corruption in Liberia while terming the Liberty Party and the Alternative National Congress as political business institutions benefiting to the detriment of the citizens who support their endeavors.