Bomi Gets New Rubber Manufacturing Plant.


The first 100% Liberian rubber manufacturing plant has started work in the country, according to Liberian press.

The Cooper Rubber Processing Plant (CRPP), which started work 4 June, will manufacture natural rubber materials for retreaded tires, roofing, electrical insulators as well as rubber gloves, told newsmen.

Located in Blagai, Bomi Highway, the plant is headed by James Cooper.

CRPP, told newsmen, “purchases rubber from local farmers across the country and process them into crepe technically specified rubber (TSR 10).”

The opening of the factory offers a glittering of hope to small and medium Liberian rubber farmers who have long been struggling to stand on their own.  This does not encourage the export of raw rubber by small producers but yet allow Firestone and other large rubber companies  from doing so. According to them.