US$536million Coastal Cities’ Projects Blueprint Out



The regional technology center

The blueprint for the infrastructural and social development programs and projects that would be implemented under the US$536million loan being acquired from ETON Finance PTE LMT has been unveiled.

MAEIL Liberia Construction Company is the implementing agent.

In addition to the pavement of an estimated 503 kilometers of road that would connect the inaccessible Southeastern region to the rest of the country including the capital Monrovia, vocational centers and stadiums in seven counties.

Highways to be targeted include: Buchanan Cestos City-Greenville-Barclayville road, the Barclayville-Sasstown road, the Barclayville-Pleebo road, the Medina-Robertsport road and the Tubmanburg and Bopolu road.

Also the loan will also cover the construction of a vocational training center in Greensville, Sinoe County, the construction of mini soccer stadiums in the Southeastern cities of Harper, Barclayville Greenville and Zwedru and Cestos in Rivercess. Western Liberian cities Robertsport and Bopolu will also benefit from the mini stadium project, according the President’s letter.

Increase Gov’t GDP, Tourists Attraction, Economic Relief for South Easternersand Regional Technology Center to Train Technicians Among others.