Commerce to Inspect Businesses for Price Control, Quality Goods


The Ministry of Commerce and industry says it will commence its regular quarterly inspections of all business establishment on Tuesday May 15th and ends on June 15th 2018. The objectives of this inspection exercise are to provide protection for consumers and to ensure continuous compliance with applicable laws, procedures and standards, the Ministry said in a statement Tuesday..

“Inspectors will conduct field inspection from Monday-Thursday 9a.m to 4 p.m. only, There will be no inspections on Fridays, and weekends. The four (4) week intensive inspection which will be guided by the Ministry’s General Inspection Guidelines with focus on the following cardinal areas:

1. Business Registration Enforcement
2. General Commodity Standard Inspection
3. Market Surveillance and Price Monitoring
4. Liquor Regulation Enforcement
5. General Market Standard Training
6. Investment Code Enforcement
7. Price Tag Enforcement

“Also, the Metrology Division at the National Standard Laboratory will be carrying out the Bureau of Industrial Services Quarterly verification exercises cale measure at all establishments where relevant; including supermarkets, butchery shops, Filling Station etc.”