Unending Killing – Police, Civilians at War


Two officers of the Liberia National Police have been gruesomely murdered in less than a week after the force was engaged into the alleged killing and injuring of peaceful citizens, LNP authorities have confirmed.
Police Spokesman H. Moses Carter told reporters on Monday, May 7, 2018, officer Moses Bedell of the Police Support Unit (PSU) was hit on the head with a big rock to death by suspect Davis Wilson, a man believed to be a motorcyclist.
The officer met his untimely demise over the weekend at the LBS community in Paynesville when he went to sympathize with his relative who lost his son, Carter said.
“While sympathizing, the victim decided to intervene into a criminal matter involving the suspect and a man only identified as Alvin who was accused of stealing the alleged murderer’s cell phone.
“During his intervention, suspect Davis became violent, arrogant and made a threatening remark that no one can arrest him and as such he will not listen to anybody.”

According to the police spokesman, suspect Davis Wilson’s reaction prompted the deceased police officer to “hold him by his shirt in other to put him under control but in the process the alleged murderer pulled out a knife from his pants and subsequently took a rock and hit officer Bedell on the head while his back was turned.
“After the officer sustained injury, he was taken at the Pool of Bethesda Medical clinic and later transferred to the JFK hospital where he died while undergoing treatment.”
In a related development, another officer identified as Patrolman Cornelius Stewart was also killed in a motor accident on May 6, 2018 on 1st street, Tubman Boulevard by a Blue Toyota Bus marked B10093, Carter revealed.
Police preliminary traffic investigation revealed that the officer was riding a red Bajah Boxer bike from central Monrovia to Sinkor while the bus was traveling to the opposite direction when they collided.
As the result of the accident officer Stewart sustained serious bodily injury, he was rushed to the JFK hospital and pronounced dead on arrival, the police said.
Suspects Moses Kollie the operator of the bus and Davis Williams are currently in Police custody undergoing investigations.
On April 30, 2018, officer Rooselvelt Demeih commander of Turtle Base Police Deport in Paynesville discharged his MP22 weapon and killed a motorcyclist.
Following the unfortunate incident, Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue told reporters that the police force have been tainted by criminal servicemen who have been engaged in several impropriety which have resulted into the killing and injuring of peaceful citizens.
Cataloguing the misconduct of the police that has resulted into death and injury, the Police IG said on Sunday, March 25, 2018 nine Emergency Response Unit (ERU) illegally discharged firearms and used lethal force on peaceful and unarmed citizens in Grand Cape Mount County that got two men (Dwana Dossen & Francis Benson) sustaining an injury in their legs from bullets.
Writes P. Nas Mulbah