Coastal Highway ‘Mission Impossible’ – Senate Chief


The Liberian government would be unable to construct President George Weah’s planned coastal highway that could cover an estimated 350 miles due to geographical and financing constraints, Senate Chief Albert Chie said Tuesday in the capital Monrovia.
The Grand Kru County Senator who is also a geologist said the construction of the highway is unrealistic because it is cost intensive and that government does not have the money to implement such capital project.
“When people talk about the coastal highways and if you look at other countries, it can sometime be 500 feet. For us to envisage that we will build such a road from Cape Mount that will cross Monrovia when our coastline is 350 miles, on top these rocks, the road will not be possible, ” Senator Chie said.
“It would be very costly to construct due to the many rivers, marshland and other harsh terrains along the immediate coastline. If we build that it will cost us billions.”
Government based on its fiscal space has deemed it prudent to pave existing stretch of roads between Buchanan, Grand Bassa and Pleebo, Maryland Counties because it has limited resources, the Senate Pro tempore said.
“This is not the coastal highway as has been talked about over many years.”
President George Weah in January said his road construction project including the coastal highway would cost an estimated US$3billion. The Presidency has announced the near conclusion of a US$536 million loan to commence the project.
Senator Chie is the first senior government officials to express doubt with respect to the successful execution of the coastline road program.
Writes Titus E. Dessie