Will Chris Massaquoi Stand Trail In Murdered Journalist Case?


Police in Monrovia said Monday the number of suspects linked to the gruesome murder of Liberian broadcast journalist Tyron Brown has increased from one to five. The five persons have been charged with various criminal offenses and awaiting court trial.

They are Jonathan Williams, murder in violation of section 14, sub-chapter 14.1 of the penal code of Liberia; Cersar B. Kennedy, criminal facilitation to murder & hindering law enforcement; Alice & Edwina Youtee along with Massa Kennedy and Johanna Bracewell are charged with hindering law enforcement and failure to report the matter to state securities.

Police spokesman H. Moses Carter meanwhile told New Democrat that ex-police chief Chris Massaquoi has been undergoing thorough investigation for three days for the alleged contact he made with the prime suspect (Williams) immediately after the crime was committed on Monday, April 16, 2018.
He could face charges if evidence shows he did nothing to inform the state about the murder. It is claimed the kingpin in the murder saga [Jonathan William] contacted Cllr. Massaquoi for legal guidance.
Two suspects (Edwina & Alice Youtee) told investigators in the evening hours of Sunday around 9:00PM the journalist knocked at their door she (Alice) asked: “who is it? And he replied; look at the door and you will see who it is.” Alice said such response instilled fear in her but she informed her sister Edwina who was witnessing movie in the house about the unknown man. Her sister than came to the window and asked but he did not disclose his identity.

Terrified by the unknown man presence the youtee sisters claimed they informed their uncle (suspect) about the unknown person that was knocking on the door. Their uncle came out with a knife and asked the victim who he came to see but he responded that he did not come to see anybody.
The Williams said he told the deceased to leave but the victim replied if I don’t leave what will you do? It was based on such answer that he (Williams) started to put him outside but while in the process of pushing him they got into fight and the victim knocked his head on the wall.
He explained further that they fought on the ground and at that point he took the knife stabbed the journalist but the victim ran out of the compound. “So after a while we choose to make follow-up to find out where he went,” Williams said.
Upon reaching outside they found him lying down dead two feet away from their compound. It was during that time Edwina recognized him to be a casual friend who has always motivated her in life but stressed that they had not seen for nearly a year.
Suspect Williams than decided to put the fallen Liberian journalist corpse into a black Infiniti Pathfinder jeep and dropped it at the Kingdom Care Hospital in Du-port Road were people would be able to see and identify him.
Writes P. Nas Mulbah