Liberia & Ghana Mayors Share Notes On City Development


As part of Liberia’s Monrovia City Mayor, Jefferson Koijee’s international outreached program, April 20, 2018 met with Accra’s City Major Adejei Sowah and exchanged ideas that would bolster sister-cities relations.
Accra’s City Major expressed delight to meet with Liberia youthful City Mayor to discuss issues intended to promote sisterly cities.
The visit was intended to seek knowledge from developed cities and ideas that can be transmitted into Liberia- specifically city developments.
“ I am thrilled by your ambition for development in your country. We are proud to working with you to ensure that Monrovia is Clean and Green,” Major Adejei Sowah said.
According to Mayor Sowah, he can work with Liberia’s Major to organize an Association of West African City Majors (AECM) in order to have a West African Voice with one platform among African Majors.
Appreciating Major Koijee, he said his quest to make Monrovia one of the cleanest Cities in Africa is a dream together with him be realized.
For his part, Koijee lauded Accra’s Major for the warm welcome and appreciated him for the hard work in making sure Accra is one of the beautiful cities in Africa, a feat he believes that Monrovia can with such a great relations.
Koijee said amongst many issues discussed in Accra, Chana, developmental issues in sister-cities, organizing West African Mayor Association were high on agenda.
Accra is among the best cities in Africa to live with excellent landscape, good roads, systematic waste management, clean beaches, organized zoning, modern shopping malls and busing economy.