Police Compromise Nimba Shooting?


Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue says the recent sporadic shooting that wounded at least one person in Nimba County district # 4 was resolved thru mediation and those implicated in the incident paid a little amount of L$12,500 plus U$70.
Ge did not say who the money was paid

Addressing newsmen Tuesday, the police inspector indentified the perpetrators of the heinous crime as supporters of Garrison Yealue, a defeated representative candidate and ex-lawmaker of district # 4 in Nimba County.
But the police chief fell short of saying suspects were not investigated, charged and subsequently sent to court for attempted murder, rioting, illegal possession of firearms and disorderly conduct.
His failure to do so leaves a doubt as to whether the case was compromised against the rule of law and justice.

The police IG described the Monday, April 16, 2018 shootout in Nimba as a situation that has escalated to another form of war because citizens were using deadly weapons such as guns, cutlasses, and knives among others to damage properties and run amok.
The shooting emanated from a clash between supporters of Garrison Yealue and Rep. Gunpue Kargon over the Supreme Court’s final judgment declaring Gunpue Kargon as winner of the representative race in district # 4 Nimba County.

Supporters of defeated candidate Yealue reportedly ordered that no one should celebrate Rep. Kargon’s victory in Vanyenglay Town (Yealue’s home town) since the high court announced ruling on Thursday of last week.
But such order was not adhered to by supporters of Rep. Kargon. They paraded Vanyenglay prompting violent action from Yealue’s supporters that resulted in the death of Kargon’s supporters. Bacchus Sayee was shot with firearm and said to have been undergoing treatment.
Writes P. Nas Mulbah