Indian Businessman Arrested for selling Rotten Fish


A Business Indian National identified as Vicky Pamnani risks facing double punishments with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MCI) for offenses against the ministry’s law.
Making the disclosure recently, the Inspector General of MCI, Josephine Davis, said several cartoons of expired fish were arrested in a ‘Fresh Frozen Food Store’ situated in Duala, owned and operated by Manager Vicky Pamnani.

The IG indicated that t accused was also arrested for keeping his cooked storage filthy, a situation she said violates the ministry’s procedures and guidelines.
“A seller of expired fish was also raided and forwarded for filthiness, arrogance and unwholesome products and lack of bathroom”

“Can you image that they are even using the cold frozen room as a bathroom, the place where they are keeping all their food products. One of our inspectors even washed his hands in a bucket of urine, and thought that it was water,” she lamented.

She said Vicky Pamnani will be probed because he was nabbed selling contaminated goods, just in frozen food store branch Three. That means, he has other two stores that need to be searched.
He was nabbed following tips off from agents and concerned Liberians, Josephine Davis said.
According to her, he has been forwarded to MCI’s authorities for probe and for subsequent action in confirmative with law.
Writes Alex Yomah.