‘Media Pivotal to Democracy’


Information Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe has described the Liberian media as an important component of the democratic dispensation, reiterating the Weah-led government’s commitment to enhancing freedom of the press.

Nagbe told the Voice of America (VOA) “Day Break Africa” program that the government will do nothing to muzzle the free press or impede media independence in Liberia.

Minister Nagbe clarified that the government is not involved in any form of intimidation or suppression of the Liberian media as claimed or is being speculated by some media houses.

The comments from the Information Minister come in the wake of accusations made by the Publisher of the FrontPage Africa newspaper, Rodney Sieh, that he is under attack by supporters of President Weah.

Sieh, who also spoke to the VOA, claimed that the attack is being spurred on by the President himself.

Nagbe argued that some members of the media are “crying wolf where there is no wolf,” adding that “they have allowed themselves to be used as political instruments.”

According to Nagbe, the government has a responsibility to clarify misinformation coming out of some media institutions, noting that such move should not be seen as intimidation.

He said the government has encouraged the media to serve as a conduit between it and the people.

Nagbe wants the media to continuously subscribe to ethical requirements.

The Information Minister said even if members of the media fail to hold on to the ethics that govern their profession, the government will not move against them. LINA