Weah Surrenders 25% Salary to Teachers


President George Weah has directed that the 25% he declared deducted from his salary and benefits on 29 January this year be remitted into the accounts of the National Teachers Association of Liberia (NTAL) for the benefits of its members, Mary Nyumah, the association president said in the capital Monrovia.
The president made the determination after meeting with the teachers’ leadership with respect to welfare and state of the profession, she said.

Mrs. Nyumah told reporters the government flagship ‘Pro-Poor’ policy and plans for quality education for all Liberians will be achieved should needed financial support is given to the education sector.
“President invited the National Teachers Association of Liberia to get firsthand information. After we explained the problems confronting the institution, the President immediately directed 25% of his monthly salary he deducted be specifically given to the NTAL,” she said.

“Besides he has shown an exemplary leadership by living up to his campaign promises by paying the West African Secondary School Certificate Exam (WASSCE) fees for all senior high schools in Liberia.”
Liberia education is beset with infrastructural constraints and provision of quality education. The United Nations agency for education estimates that more than 60 percent of primary school age children are lacking access to education.

President Weah has promised to revive the education system. He has pleaded with the government of the federal Republic of Nigeria to provide the country with 6,000 teachers under the Technical Assistance Corps agreement between the two West Africa States.

Writes Alex Yomah