PUP Backs CDC Saah Joseph for Senate


The opposition People’s Unification Party (PUP) has issued a statement in Monrovia backing the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change nominee for the Montserrado county Senatorial by-election.

Joseph, a current member of the House of Representatives is a wonderful choice to fill President George Weah’s vacated Senate seat, the PUP said in a statement Thursday in Monrovia.

The PUP allied the erstwhile ruling Unity party in the 2017 presidential election.

The PUP statement:

The National Leadership of the People’s Unification Party (PUP) would have me convey wormed sentiments and wholeheartedly welcome you to the National Headquarters of our dear party once again.

Principally, we have organized and hosted this meeting today to extoll the wisdom of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) for their decision which chose Hon. Saah H. Joseph, Montserrado County District Number 13 Representative as its candidate for the impending senatorial by-election in Montserrado. The PUP acknowledges the decision for Hon. Joseph as a wonderful choice to fill the vacuum and replace former senator George Manneh Weah (now President of the Republic of Liberia). In the view of the PUP, choosing Hon. Saah Joseph was a clarion recognition of hard work, dedication and commitment to a people-centered agenda. A White Ballot decision for Hon. Saah Joseph was not just in recognition of great work but a perfect appreciation of what would later be described as a “pro-poor agenda” by former senator and incumbent President George Manneh Weah.

Based on an analysis of what we have seen so far in Hon. Saah H. Joseph, combined interchangeably with what we know him to be and what he promises to deliver tomorrow, we are totally convinced that Hon. Saah Joseph promises to be an excellent senator for Montserrado in replacement for a quiet, easygoing and unassuming gladiator whose ascendency to the Liberian Presidency will remain a difficult puzzle to unravel for decades. For us in the PUP, we can answer this riddle midway in sleep and we believe that this ascendency was a reality established in 1995 and short-circuited ten years following. This was a truth in anxious wait of the right time and that time was 2017.

Today, we embrace and support Hon. Saah Jpseph for a number of reasons which, among others, include the below as enumerated:

1. During the fight against the dreaded and undesirable Ebola viral outbreak in Liberia, Hon. Saah H. Joseph stood tall above the fray, relegated his own status and assumed the role of a warrior. In this struggle, Hon. Joseph demonstrated that during difficult times, it requires the brave, strong and committed to make the ultimate sacrifice for the people regardless of class and status. For a leader to abandon his glory and splendor, wears his armor and puts his life on the line for his people in times when life expectancy was as long as uncertainty for some and 21 days for the rest was an extreme expression of love unsurpassed that finds explanation only in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. To the extent of his love, Hon. Saah Joseph was even prepared to die for Sierra Leoneans in equivocal replication of what they did when we tore ourselves apart during the war years in Liberia. Isn’t this a sufficient reason why he deserves the support of all in Montserrado? In the view of the PUP, standing against Hon. Joseph is comparable to chasing the winds!

2. We can vouch for Hon. Saah Joseph because he has been a man of his words and has never disappointed his people in District Number 13. As evidenced by the overwhelming victory acquired in 2017, the momentous reelection of Hon. Joseph was a record of trust and commitment and an assurance from his people that his leadership was still needed. For the records, we want to thank the people of District Number 13 for the reelection of Hon. Saah H. Joseph; it is basically his reelection that assures us that commitment in little things needs to be rewarded with greater responsibilities. Had he not stood for you, he would never have been reelected anyway.

3. The third principal reason why we appreciate the replacement of former senator Weah by Hon. Saah Joseph is anchored on Hon. Joseph’s commitment to the principles and doctrines of the Congress for Democratic Change. Other people won power and came to national permanence on the backs of the CDC but soon abdicated like grasshoppers and meandered like streams because they were unstable in minds and thoughts and petit in their outlooks of things but Hon. Saah H. Joseph remained focused and never wavered in his support for the CDC. It is worth mentioning that perseverance is a fruit of commitment and Hon. Joseph has expressly demonstrated that. In spite of the challenges and difficulties that confronted the CDC in the past twelve years, he remained stabled and focused, meaning that when he ultimately becomes senator, he will not abandon and neglect the people who reposed confidence in him at a critical moment.

As a party with commitment and principle, the National Leadership of the PUP has instructed me to state clearly how we will be of help to making Hon. Saah H. Joseph the next senator for Montserrado. Based on their decision, here we state how we will contribute to his election for the most Doyen county of Liberia:

To all of those who believe in the PUP, we like to inform you that we have received, accepted and internalized Hon. Joseph as our own. We are a people’s party which means that anybody who demonstrates love and interest for his people like Hon. Joseph convinces us that we are one and the same. As a party of the people therefore, the onus is on our shoulders to rally all supporters, sympathizers, friends and well-wishers across Montserrado to stand up for Hon. Saah H. Joseph till he is elected senator for Montserrado. Let this presentation represent a call to all auxiliaries and solidary groups to commandeer, instruct and animate their respective communities and supporters to receive and accept Hon. Saah H. Joseph as their candidate for Montserrado. THIS IS OUR MANDATE AND IT IS SO HEREBY IDEOLOGICALLY INSTRUCTED!!!

Thank you and welcome.