UP Official Backs War, Economic Crimes Court Campaign


An official of the erstwhile ruling Unity Party has issued a statement in Monrovia crusading for the establishment of a tribunal that will prosecute the country’s war and economic criminals.

UP spokesman Mohammed Ali said there will be no true healing and genuine reconciliation in Liberia once economic and war criminals continue to parade the corridors of power with impunity as their victims cry for justice.

The United Nations for the first time this month called on Liberian authorities to bring to justice individuals who bear the greatest responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the civil war.

President George Weah and his Coalition for Democratic Change said during the 2017 elections they will not settle for war crimes court.

For 12 years Mo Ali’s Unity Party failed to bring to justice the country’s warlords.

Below is Ali’s full statement:

Liberia’s brutal civil conflict officially ended in 2004 after the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Accord in Accra, Ghana. As part of that agreement, it was mandated that a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) be established to investigate crimes that were committed (including economic crimes) and make recommendations for implementation by the Government. The Sirleaf-led government fell short of implementing any of the recommendations in the TRC and that document has remained abandoned in no man’s land.

The hundreds of thousands of Liberians against whom crimes were committed continue to suffer from the scars and trauma of those crimes. In addition to the commission of war crimes and crimes against humanity, some treacherous, heartless and wicked Liberians aided by foreign nationals systematically looted the coffers of the country and pillage monies generated from natural resources for decades. Sadly, for Liberia, we continually are witnessing the perennial emergence of those economic and war criminals within the corridors of power. As a matter of fact, they are the ones cutting the shots. For the most part, their eternal interest is not to move Liberia from it backwardness to prosperity but to incessantly enrich themselves at the peril of the country and its poor suffering masses.

As long as true justice is not served; as long as these war and economic criminals continue to parade the corridors of power; as long as the victims of economic crimes (the masses), the victims of crimes against humanity and war crimes continue to see war and economic criminals perambulate freely with impunity, there will be no true healing and genuine reconciliation. People must pay for the crimes they have committed over the years if we must have genuine healing and reconciliation as a country.

It is in view of the above, that I, Mohammed Ali aka Mo Ali, do hereby declare my unflinching support for the establishment of an Economic and War Crimes Court to try all those that have committed crimes against humanity, economic and war crimes and also those that have contributed immensely to the commission of those crimes.