Several Companies Caught Violating NPA Policy


As part of effort to increase revenue generation, the National Port Authority has embarked on vigorous field assessment campaign targeting companies that are leasing its properties. Port officials said some companies are not paying the actual coast of agreement in total contravention to the NPA Board Policy of 2006.
Those companies are Conez Petroleum, Fawaz building material, Camer Liberia Ltd., Pointer entertainment, Embassy Garage, Eubenz Inc., JMG enterprise, Logan Town garage, Eddail Inc., Monetol Inc., etc.
Mr. Wollo Weah consultant in the department of property at the port is leading the assessment that would lead to increase in revenue.
Mr. Weah on Wednesday, March 28, 2018 told reporters that under the 2006 policy: “Leases 10 years, concession 25 years with structures like building, warehouses the rate applied was 2.28 and undeveloped portion of land 0.46 etc.
The policy stipulates any lessee who reached an agreement after the 2006 board policy should accept the 40% rental fee but if the lessee is to sub-lease or assign their lease right to any other institution he/she must surrender 40% of that amount to the NPA management relative to the rented arrears, Mr. Weah said.
“After analysis and field inspection we came across some institutions like Camer Liberia Limited who had building on NPA land with a 10 years lease agreement but the 40% was not given, instead a little amount of 15%. We came across many companies like that.
“Predicated upon that, a meeting was called with those lessees and they promise to work with NPA new management to go ahead with the enforcement of 2006 board policy.
“In that meeting the acting MD make it clear with all of the companies that the process was not to witch hunt anybody but to make sure that the port live and move by the 2006 board policy that was crafted and endorsed by the National Legislature,” he noted.
Writes P. Nas Mulbah