UNMIL Saved Liberia from Constitutional Crisis


Ahead of the departure of the United Nation Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Francis S. Korkpor said it was the mission that saved the country from constitutional crisis during the 2017 Presidential and general elections.
“We remember the role UNMIL played when members of this bench were under threats of impeachment. They along with others successfully intervened to avert what would have amounted to a constitutional crisis. We also remembered the concern they show whenever there appear to be hitches and glitches in the 2017 electoral process,” Chief Justice Korkpor said.
The Chief Justice in a farewell program told UNMIL Chief Farif Zarid on Tuesday, March 27, 2018 that the assistance provided by the mission to the Judiciary will go a long in ensuring that the rule of law “is here to stay”.
He further assured the SRSG that as the troops leave the Judiciary is on an irreversible course of dispensing justice at all times. He recounted how the mission supported efforts in reforming the justice and security sector.
UNMIL SRSG Zarid in response said the acknowledgment of the services that they have rendered is good news.
Mr. Zarid said the mission has watched the action of the Supreme Court and admired it resilience and patience in the face of all adverse actions, time limitation and the expectation to deliver what will reunite the country, politics and public opinions.
He noted that the country was challenged during the 2017 elections when people started placing their trust in the justice system and the rule of law. There were occasions when people have different interpretation of the law and constitution but the high court stepped in to offer its wisdom and discharged its constitutional authority, the departing UN official said.
Writes P. Nas Mulbah