Health Minister-designate Blink on Death Allegation


Embattled Health Minister-designate Dr. Willimina Jallah Monday told Senators she was not “comfortable” to take responsibility regarding the alleged killing at her Hope for Women International Clinic.

“Please note that I was out of the country at the time when Mrs. Fahnbulleh passed and I and other members of the Hope for Women have been doing what we can do to resolve the problem since my return.”

On March 5, the Senate committee on health suspended for time in definite the confirmation hearing of Dr. Jallah after an hour of proceeding due to ethical and legal controversy beclouding the nominee’s reputation.

“I’m not comfortable,” she said, when Senator Jim Tornola (Margibi County) questioned her whether she was willing to take responsibility of the death of patient at her clinic.

After consultation across the floor by Senators, the question was rephrased to what could you say about what happen? and she again said, “I’m not comfortable.”

The presidential nominee and her Hope for Women medical center are facing legal proceeding for wrongfully killing of Mrs. Fahnbulleh.

Write Titus E. Dessie