Commerce Ministry Destroys Abi Jaoudi’s Harmful Food


The Ministry of Commerce and Industry Monday started the destruction of thousand tons of contaminated food commodities and other consumable goods that were being sold by Abi Jaoudi Supermarket and the Tree Star Business.

Some of the food commodities such as meat and chicken expiration dates far back as 2016. Transported in seven trucks, the expired goods were disposed at the weanstown dumpsite in Red Light, Paynessville.

Commerce Minister Wilson Tarpeh described Abi Jaoudi’s act of maintaining expired goods and food items in the commerce of Liberia as an evil, unlawful and inappropriate.

A fine of US$75,000 was imposed on Abi Jaoudi, which also enjoys monopoly on the importation of Heineken beer.

“A routine inspection found that a business named Abi Jaoudi & Azar Trading Company, located on Randall street, Monrovia, had in its storage unwholesome and expired meat and associate products on their premises,” the Minister said.

“This practice is a violation Section 1.12 of the general Business law of the Republic of Liberia and section 26.2 of the Public health law of Liberia.”