Liberia Chess Federation Organizes Special Congress to Remove Leadership


The Liberia Chess Federation (LCF) will hold a special session of its General Assembly on 15 March 2018 for the revision and endorsement of a Vote of No Confidence written and signed by clubs and stakeholder to remove the current leadership. The document, which will be deliberated and voted upon, contains nine counts of constitutional violations which shattered the confidence of the body in the leadership.

The current LCF leadership, headed by President Winston Ireland, succeeded Samuel Tweah’s leadership at a 2016 annual General Assembly which ended early January 2017. Since his ascendancy, Mr. Ireland has been accused of misappropriation and poor leadership ability by heads of chess clubs and members of his team. The federation is currently without an office or any physical address and owes the international chess body dues and registration fees for the regional tournament hosted by Liberia in 2017.

According to members of the organizing committee, the March 15 General Assembly is aimed at halting the reversal of progress in Liberia’s chess development by ‘voting out’ the Winston Ireland’s leadership and installing an interim team that will take the body to general elections on 29 November 2018.

The one-day event will be attended by representatives of the 11 chess clubs in Liberia, members of the current leadership, the male and female champions, the top 5 ranked players and some individual members of the federation.