Judge Emery Paye ‘Undermining’ Development in Nimba


The 13th Judicial Circuit seated in Nimba County has been accused of undermining the development agenda of president George Weah in the county.

But the judge says he cannot comment on the matter unless this paper can go to him in the county.

In a press statement, a group called Nimba Citizens for Peace and Development squarely blamed judge Emery Paye and two other persons in the county for he lingering land problem in the county.

In a March 5,2018 Communication from his office The Judge cited for conference with him four groups who already have their land cases before the supreme court.

“These are some of the problems we have been having with the judge. You see we already have these cases before the Supreme Court for there is no need for him to cite us to any kind of conference,” they said.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the press, we put this problem square under the feet of Judge Amery Paye, Fred Suah, Nya Johnny and others,” the statement said.

The statement added: “We have all reasons to believe that the three of them are bent on undermining the development agenda of President George Manner Weah. Therefore, we are calling on this government lead by President George Manneh Weah to take this very seriously as threat to peace in Liberia, because we will not relent and will resist any attempt that tends to deprive us of our inheritance. And also, any attempt to re-introduce violence will be forcefully met than ever before.”

Th group recalled that over the weekend, on Saturday, March 10, they were awakened by a heartbreaking news in Ganta/ Nimba County on the reappearance of actors in authority that are part of the problem.

The group said the suspension of Circuit Court Judge Emery Paye, by the Supreme Court as judge of the county brought some level of calm in Ganta, even though properties belonging to the Mandingo ethnic group are still been held by Mr. Alfred Suah, Nya Johnny and others.

“But to our utmost surprise the reappearance of Judge Emery Paye as the new Circuit Judge of the county has provoked a renewed violence in Ganta City, with personnel of the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) aiding the breaking of our structure under the instruction of Mr. Nya Johnny.

We are getting reports that over 10 homes belonging the Mandingoes were demolished with personal belongings damaged and looted in the full glare of the county authorities and some personnel of the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) . We wonder if there is no governance in Ganta,” the statement added.

The statement added “by all account we think this is a provocation, inhumane and has the propensity to reawaken a full bloom land dispute in Ganta and other parts of the county affected by similar problem.

“Homes belonging to the Mandingoes behind Total Gas Station were demolished over the weekend by Nya Johnny aided by ERU personnel in LNP pick-up marked “GSA – LNP-04-5”.

But these are homes our people in Nimba County three years ago and Mr. Suah and Mr. Johnny took an appeal to the supreme court and the supreme court is yet to hear the case since three year,” the statement said.

“As we speak to you, our people are in possession of court documents awarding them ownership of these properties. What baffles us now is how can the ERU aid Mr. Nya Johnny to demolish the properties after we won the case in court?

Moreover, credible information reaching us reveals that Senator Thomas Grupee of Nimba County is planning to meet with President George Manner Weah to discuss
the idea of building an administrative complex on the land owned by 15 Mandingoes family heads with 250 family members that were earmarked as eminent domain but later put on hold as a result of our resistance. Indeed, another provocation again should that be true,” the statement added.

Further responding, the judge could neither confirm nor deny the accusation adding “I cannot speak to this person if he is not in the county. Come to Nimba County and take a look at the case file to know,”