Sinoe 10-Year War – Caucus Suspends Expulsion of Two Members


The leadership of the Sinoe County Legislative Caucus said in a statement Thursday it has accepted an appeal from Sinoe elders, women, and youth in Monrovia to suspend the expulsion of Representative Matthew Zarzar and Senator Joseph Nagbe pending the outcome of a peace meeting in Greenville later this month.

Sinoe Legislative caucus has been at war with itself as members publically insults each other and trade allegations of theft of public resources.

The statement: “The Caucus reached the decision today at its 3rd meeting held in the office of Representative Jay Nagbe Sloh at the Capitol Building.

A press release issued today under the signature of Representative Sloh, who is the secretary of the Caucus, said the expulsion action and other key issues concerning peace and development in Sinoe will be dealt with at the Greenville assembly.

In a related development, the Caucus congratulated its Chair, Senator J. Milton Teahjay, for his remarkable court victory in Rivercess County recently. The Caucus said it \Vill lead droves of Teahjay supporters in demonstrating through the principal streets of Greenville in support of the Senator for his victory.It said details will be announced shortly.”

Sinoe County Project Management Committee chairman Klahn-Gboloh Jarbah says for the past ten years the leadership of Sinoe has been at war and the name Teahjay has been associated with the war.
Mr. Jarbah in a press conference Thursday, March 8, 2018 said as the war continues, Senator J. Milton Teahjay has positioned himself as a Goliath dressed in armor but warned that to every Goliath there is a David whose sling is mightier than an armor to defeat him.
Mr. Jarbah: “In the beginning, it was then Senator Mobutu Nyenpan who was a pain in Superintendent Grigsby’s neck. Grigsby departed the stage then came in Superintendent Milton Teahjay. Again, it was Nyenpan- vs -Teahjay.”

He continued:”I recalled a shameful day at the Golden Beach when Nyenpan and Teahjay were verbally attacking each other to the point they were seconds away from a fist fight. The Nyenpan-vs-Teahjay ended when Nyenpan was defeated. The Nyepan-Teahjay saga was joined by Hon. Matthew Zarzar. To date, the Zarzar-Teahjay fight is ongoing. Then came in Hon. Thomas Romeo Quioh; the stage was set for Teahjay-Quioh show. Now today, a new face, Senator Joseph Nagbe is in the fight. Again, it is Teahjay-vs-Nagbe.”
He condemned all forms of speech and utterances emanating from Senator Teahjay and his surrogates relative to this matter. The Senator must do the right thing. He owes the people of Sinoe an apology for his actions and inactions in all matters relating to the socio-economic and political development of the county.

Mr. Jarbah said no amount of tough talking and foul languages can excuse the senator from culpability. During his tenure as Superintendent of Sinoe County, the county experienced the highest revenue inflow than at any other time in its history, he said.
According to him, yet the revenues were mismanaged, misapplied and wasted. The county had the highest number of abandoned projects. It remains one of the most underdeveloped in the country.

He said: during the Senator tenure, the political divide was widened. So there is reason for Senator Teahjay to do the right thing. He needs to ask for forgiveness. He needs to be humbled and not continue to exhibit a level of arrogance and defiance.
The county project management committee chair said recent escalation of conflict stemming from the LACC vs. Senator J. Milton Teahjay is an embarrassment to Sinoe.
Writes P. Nas Mulbah