IDI Amin Returns In Jewel – Wants Liberians Boycott Lebanese, Indian Shops


Frozen food and rice imported by Asian businessmen into the country are not fit for consumption because they contain chemicals that are dangerous to human health, Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor has revealed.
Addressing members of the Liberia Marketing Association Monday, February 26, the Vice President advised Liberians to grow more food to avoid eating imported rice.

She said Lebanese imported rice is the cause of diseases that are creating public health problems that are killing Liberians.
“Our mothers never used to get the kind of sickness we are getting now,” she said.
“This is happening because we are eating the wrong food. All the frozen foods

we are buying have chemicals inside it.
“We need to start eating our own food. All the Lebanese people are saying we are not serious because they are the ones bringing in imported rice that is giving us diabetes.
“For me I can eat ‘country rice’ from Bong County because it is better. No chemical inside.
The Vice President accused the Asian business community [Lebanese and Indians] of manipulating food commodities prices because of Liberians inability to grow their own food.

Her statements are similar to those of Uganda’s 1970 dictator Idi Amin when he accused the East African nation’s minority ethnic population of disloyalty, non-integration and commercial malpractice. Giving Uganda back to Uganda was his defense for ordering the mass expulsion of Assian.
Writes Alex Yomah