What is Fiscal Policy? Jesus!!!! – Deputy Finance Minister-designate Clueless


Deputy Finance and development planning Minister-designate for Administration Rebecca McGill Wednesday appeared before the Senate committee on Ways, Means and Finance clueless in relation to the ministry’s core functions.

Ms. McGill fumbled at several intervals when making her presentation and could not explain to Senators for instance, what a fiscal or monetary policy is.

When Grand Cape Mount County Senator Edward Dagoseh asked “what is a fiscal policy?” the nominee responded JESUS! This was followed by a long pause thus, prompting the Senator to withdraw his question to apparently avoid confusion amongst: her, him and the Christian messiah.

President George Weah’s nominee told Senators she earned Masters of Arts degree in Accounting and an undergraduate degree in Management with 17 years working experience.

Her main managerial experience, Rebecca said is when she served as an administrator for a church that had 500 membership and “because of my skills, the current membership is over 600”.

Senators told the nominee to go and improve her skills because as deputy finance minister she would be placed in position to represent the country or minister on policy issues with respect to finance and development planning.

In her response to the recommendation from Committee Chair Senator Morris Saytumah (Bomi County), the nominee promised to work 25 hours to improve the system and make timely payment of salary and other government’s obligations.

Nominee: By the way of introduction, My name is Rebecca McGill. I hailed from Gbarpolu County and I am a mother, a wife and a career woman.

I am best suited for this position because I am a Liberian woman who believes in quality service delivery, hard work, teamwork and believing that I can do something to have things done the right way.

If i am confirmed, by this honorable committee, I stand to bring quality services. That is: to improve the lives of the employees because they are best assets of all institutions; to do capacity building; to move around as Deputy Minister for Administration of Finance, I will be in the capacity to carry on teamwork; to support the Minister’s agenda in supporting the overall agenda of the President, that is the ‘Pro Poor agenda’.

Senator: what is your experience?

Nominee: I have 17 years of experience. I have served as administrator at my church. I managed the activities of the church with over 500 memberships and because of my skills; the current membership is over 600.

I have worked in public sector and my last place of work was at the Liberia Telecommunication Authority where I served as Account Assistant.

I was responsible to do entry taking, reconciling bank statements, making sure that report is done in time, prepared invoices, send it around, making sure to collect revenues even in the heat of Ebola Virus Disease for entity because I love doing my job while other people were sitting at home I was still working at LTA collecting revenues on behalf of government.

With this experience, going into the Ministry of Finance Planning and Development as Deputy Minister for Administration, I am going to use strategy that will bring quality services delivery to the Liberian people.

I am going to make sure that checks are paid in time. I am going to make sure funds are released, I am going to make sure that human resource development procedures is being used.

I am going to make sure that the financial aspect that is the internal running of the day to day activities at the Ministry is fully executed because I love hard work.I am going take 25 hours of my time to make sure that we improve the system.

Senator: What is fiscal policy?

Nominee: Jesus!…..

I am withdrawing my question

Senator: Do you foresee major challenges at the ministry that you want to improve ?
Nominee: I have visited the office but am carrying a new idea. The new idea plus the idea that has been used there I will develop a general idea-that is, I am going to make sure if I am confirmed quality services are delivered.

Writes Alex Yomah