PUL Wants CBL Whistleblower Released


The Press Union of Liberia has called for the immediate release of Mr. Alfred Cheeks, a staff of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) who is being investigated by the National Security Agency.

Cheeks is in detention after the Central Bank confirmed it has investigated what it calls the breach of its fidelity and confidentiality policy governing the conduct of its employees.

The CBL said after its “preliminary investigation including a careful review of its CCTV video, a staff was seen on camera pocketing a photocopy of document” bearing the travel transaction of President Weah’s first official trip.
Disgustingly, the Central Bank of Liberia disclosed that it suspended Cheeks with immediate effect and turned him over to the National Security Agency.
The Union sees the arrest and detention of Cheeks by the National Security Agency as scaring and show traits of despotism by some elements within the Weah Administration.

The arrest of Cheeks for releasing public information to taxpayers violates the Whistleblower Act which separates information in private and public categories.
Liberia, the Union said, has endured more than a century of cronyism, dictatorship, and violation of laws and rights and must not be taken down the path of national tragedy.
Mr. Cheeks must be released and apologize to by the CBL for the violation of his rights and recalled to work speedily to save the country’s image.

There is nothing sensitive about the public knowing the detail expenditure of a presidential travel, the PUL stressed.
President Weah must take this immediate first step on protecting the public right to know and free expression if lovers of democracy are to be assured that the emerging Liberian democracy will be strengthened under his watch.
Meanwhile, the Press Union of Liberia is commending President Weah for presenting the country’s problems to the French President and people but at the same time wants him to scrupulous ensure the prudential use of aid being accrued from his connections for the good of ordinary people.