No Aid For Big Salary Nation


Liberians here and around the world have launched a campaign to petition the global aid community to halt financial assistance to the Liberian government unless its elected and top appointed officials salaries and benefits are cut by 50%.
Launched three days ago, the online petition has obtained close to 500 signatures. One million signature is needed.
“By all means, President Weah must move a step forward and seek urgently needed legislation and further actions to slice salaries of top officials, former Press Union of Liberia president Abdulai Kamara posted on facebook after signing the petition.
With an economy of 2.5% GDP, Liberians officials are amongst the highest paid in the world.
Mr. Aloysius Toe speaking during the March, 2017 edition of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) Edward Wilmot Blyden Intellectual Forum said he cannot fathom why officials in a US$600 million economy like Liberia will earn more than those in a US$4 trillion economy like the United States of America.
Toe said:
“Ladies and gentlemen, permit me now to move on a different but important issue. Mr. Speaker, I am sure you are aware and concerned like I do, that Liberia is a very poor country. I am sure you are aware the United States of America is a very rich and affluent country. Our yearly budget is around US$600 million, and the United States budget is around US$4 trillion. Yet, Mr. Speaker, do you know, and if you care, that you (US$285,000 per year) make US$62,000 (special allowance) more than the Speaker of the United States Congress (US$223,000 per year) , and US$45,000 more than the Vice President (US$240,000 per year) of the United States. And if we add your other allowances, you more than double the US Speaker and Vice President of the greatest and richest nation on earth.

“Similarly, the President Pro Tempore of the Liberian Senate (US$30,000 per month) monthly earns just US$3,000 less than President Donald J. Trump (US$33,000 per month) of the United States. But if we add our Pro Tempore other allowances, he earns more than Donald J. Trump.
The United States – that rich country, whose Speaker, Vice President and President Pro Tempore that you and the President Pro Tempore of the Liberian Senate make more than, pay their least civil servant about US$2,000.00 per month. But you, Mr. Speaker and the rest of your colleagues pay your least civil servant US$130 per month.”

Below is the petition statement:

Liberia has abundance of natural resources yet its people are still poor while millions of dollars in aid have been wasted in helping the government of Liberia pay high salaries to officials without improvement in the lives of the ordinary people.

Currently, a legislator in Liberia takes at least $10,000 United States Dollars monthly as salary. Addition of allowances and other unnecessary benefits sums a Liberian legislators’ salary to $15,000+ US dollars.

Unfortunately, civil servants such as teachers, nurses, police officers, etc. make less than $250 US dollars monthly. The salary disparity is very alarming and something must be done to call our officials to immediately address this issue.

For this, I am calling on all partners to the Liberian government, including France and the European Union, to put immediate halt to aid until our government addresses salary and benefits reduction and increase ordinary civil servants salaries and benefits. The salaries of Liberian government officials are far more than the government officials of France. We cannot continue to beg for money from countries where the government officials make far less salary than our government officials. #reducesalariesbeforeaid
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We need 1 million signatures!
We humbly ask the support of Liberians home and abroad to join the change movement as we call on all partners to the government to put halt to aid money…

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We are calling on the French Government and the European Union and other partners of Liberia to halt aid to the country until our government officials…
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Siatta Krah·2 days ago
I am signing because, we need change and accountability in Liberia.

Sheikh KROMAH·2 days ago
The masses as suffered while a hand full of people are enjoying. It does not matter who rules but the suffering of our people should come to an end…