Senators Fear – Inexperienced Ministers Could Undermine Weah’s Plans


President George Weah’s plans to rebuild Liberia’s economy, make it prosper and end poverty risk not being achieved given the quality of cabinet nominees, Senators have expressed.

Foreign Minister Gbehnzogar Findley is amongst nominees who admitted to lacking knowledge about the jobs they have been appointed to perform.

When he appeared before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on January 25 Findley said, “I made this clear in my opening statement that I am not an experienced diplomat.

“But I think we have people in the Foreign Service who will rally around me to come up with a foreign policy.

On Thursday February 15, Senators on the Senate committee on Health expressed fear over President George Weah’s Deputy Minister of administration designate lack of experience with the nation’s health sector.
But the Presidential nominee told members of the committee that she would rely on the experience of long serving employees at the Ministry.
President Weah nominated Norwu Gaba Howard Deputy Minister for administration at the Ministry of Health to help execute his so-called pro-poor governance agenda for the six years term ending 2024.
“There are greater challenges in the sector and our fear is you have no experience with the Liberian health sector, Senator J. Gbleh-Bo Brown said.

There are health workers who are not on payroll. We have been trying but its still a challenge. We think and advice that will be your major challenge, Senator Brown said.
“I can’t see your paper credential and say we shouldn’t vote for you but it worries me that what you do in the United States must be brought to bed here, Senator Varney Sherman said.
“This department you will be heading is a very crucial department. I say it as former minister. If this department remains ineffective, the health system will not function, Senator Peter Coleman, committee chair who served as health minister from 1997 to 2005 said.
“You will be charged to deliver the gasoline and salaries at various health centers around the country so if your department is not functional, the Ministry will not work.”

Senator Coleman told the nominee that she would be occupying a position that requires her to execute difficult duties and responsibilities associated with the department.
members of the committee however reverted to committee room to make a decision that would be transmitted to President Weah for rejection or appointment and commissioning of the nominee.
Writes Titus E. Dessie