Ex-NPA, Other SOE Officials Could Face Weah’s First Audit


Several ex officials of state owned enterprises could be requested to return to the country as President George Weah announced he would commissioned an audit risk entities.

Dogged by allegations of corruption, the National Oil Company and the National Port Authority could no doubt be amongst those institutions to be audited.

For instance, there are accounts that the finances of the National Port Authority (NPA) were depleted by the David Williams administration.
Behind the scene it is reported former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her son Robert Sirleaf, lobbying President George Weah for Williams reappointment.

The dredging of ports has been the source of milking generated resources. In May 2016, it is claimed at the behest of Williams, NPA paid over US$400k to a certain Biggs International, an Italian company for pre and post dredge survey of the Freeport of Monrovia on a single source procurement basis.

Biggs International work would be deemed inadequate one yeare later by NPA management, thus leading to another bid rounds involving a new company.

A company known as Nordsee was announced winner of the bid at
a cost of US$2.075, 645, but later increased to US$4million.

The audit if commission will present the actual facts with respect to these rather fishy transactions.

The National Port Authority (NPA) established in the 1970s after the Americans built and surrendered the facility controls a multi million dollar landed properties occupying an estimated 100 acres.
Its management, past and present have operated the entity solely as the ‘pubberbush’ for successive presidents.
In mid 2017, Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) charged the United Commodity Incorporation (UCI) US$6.8 million and L$13.6 million in penalties for tax evasion. The fine was in connection with the entities alleged clearing of 333 containers from the Free Port of Monrovia without paying the required customs in government revenue account, LRA’s Commissioner General Elfrieda Stewart Tamba said.